Branch Prediction Championship Solution



Setting Up the Simulation Infrastructure:

  1. Download the BPC kit: (~500M) and save it in your home directory.

  1. Unpack the kit:

gunzip cd bpc6421AU17

  1. There should be four directories: sim, scripts, traces, and results

  1. The sim directory contains the simulator.

cd sim make

./predictor ../traces/SHORT-INT-1.cbp4.gz

  1. The scripts directory contains scripts that can help you run your predictor for all traces. Check out the file in the scripts directory.

cd ../scripts


  1. We will use the AMEAN over all traces as the figure of merit. You can compute this using the script. Usage is as follows.

./ -d ../results/GSHARE*

  1. The traces directory contains 20 traces: 10 short traces (~30 million instructions) derived from CBP-1 and 10 long traces(~150 million instructions) derived from SPEC 2006.

Writing Your Own Branch Predictor:

In your sim directory, there are two files you can modify: and predictor.h

Only these two files should be submitted with your contest submission. Any changes you make to any other files will not be reflected in our simulator.