ClassifyScores Solution




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To classify a series of scores entered by the user into ranges. The scores will be numbers between 0 and 100.





The score (as many as the user wants)


The ranges and how many times the scores come into those ranges



Program Logic (Pseudocode)


Algorithm LeapYear


(main method)

  1. Initialize the array

(a) with 10 different values in int

(b) set each value to 0


  1. Take the array to the looping method



(looping method)

  1. Initialize the variables
  • Set score to 0 in int
  • Create a scanner
  • Ask for an input


  1. Create a loop where the loop exits if it is less then 0
  • If the score is greater then100

(i) then go to the top of loop

  • Else then array[(score/10)]++

(if score is 100, score=100-1)

  • Get new input


  1. Take the array to the printscores method



(printscores method)

  1. Display the output to the user
  • Set the top of the display
  • Create a loop for the middle values that increases by 10 to simplify work
  • Print 90-100 at the end because there is 6 characters in this range rather then 5