CMSIS-DSP Functions for Optimized Code Solution




In this lab you will be introduced to the CMSIS-DSP software library, which is a collection of com-mon signal processing functions that ARM has optimized for the various Cortex-M processor cores.

In particular, you will:

Write two simple tasks in C code

Re-write the tasks using the CMSIS-DSP library functions. Learn how to time the code to evaluate the speed-up

Write the tasks in assembly to evaluate the speed-up (or lack thereof) of hand written assembly v/s C.


17-Jan Initial release.


25 % C code for dot-product

10 % CMSIS-DSP implementation of dot product 5 % Timing and analysis of both implementations 25 % C code for variance

10 % CMSIS-DSP implementation of variance

5 % Timing and analysis of both implementations 10 % Assembly code for dot-product

10 % Assembly code for variance