Assignment 01 Solution



  1. List name(s) of musician (All letters capital) who are alive along with their ages.

  1. Find name(s) of musician who did not organize any concert.

  1. List the different instruments (irrespective of their type) played by the musicians, order your result in ascending.

  1. Give the organizer’s name of the concert in the Bridgewater Hall (England).

  1. List the name and town of birth of any performer born in the same city as James First.

  1. Display id and number of instruments of the performer who played at least Two instruments, order the result by number of instruments then by id.

  1. Display musician who both perform as well as organize.

  1. Find all the performers who played guitar or violin and were born in Manchester (England).

  1. List name of all musicians who were born as well as living at the same place.

10. List the names, dates of birth and the instrument played of living musicians who play an instrument which Theo also plays.

11. Show the id and count of instrument played by the performer who played the most number of instruments.