Assignment #2: Creating a Data Model in MS Visio (Part 2) Solution



A veterinarian wants to hire you to design a database that enables the tracking of certain information. Specifically, she wants to be able to track pets (including each pet’s name, breed, gender, and date of birth), owners (including each primary contact’s first name, last name, cell phone number, and e-mail address), rooms (including each room’s number and description), and employees (including each employee’s first name, last name, title, cell phone number, and e-mail address). In addition, and most importantly, your friend wants to track pet appointments (including each appointment’s reason, date, and start time).

Your job is to use MS Visio to create a data model/ER diagram that will serve as the blueprint for the database implementation.


  • Assume that the veterinarian is only interested in the primary contact for each pet. Of course an owner can have many pets, though.

  • Every pet appointment involves one pet and one room. <– This statement implies the type of relationship that exists between pet and room.

o That is, a pet can have appointments in many rooms over time, and a room can be used (in an appointment) by many pets over time.

  • There are six entities altogether, including two bridge entities. (Hint: one of the bridge entities connects pet appointment and employee.)

  • Remember that each entity name should be singular (e.g., “pet,” not “Pets”).

Please submit a PDF of your MS Visio file.