Assignment 2 Solution



We provide this zip file containing,, and For each problem, UPDATE and SUBMIT the corresponding file.

Observe the following rules:

  • DO NOT use if statements on this assignment

  • DO NOT add any import statements

  • DO NOT add the project statement

  • DO NOT change the class name

  • DO NOT change the headers of ANY of the given methods

  • DO NOT add any new class fields

  • DO NOT use System.exit()

Observe the examples output, display only what the problem is asking for

  1. Hello, World [5 points]

This is everyone’s first program. Write a program that, when run, displays the phrase: “Hello, World.”

% java HelloWorld Hello, World

  1. Wind chill [8 points]

Given the temperature T (in degrees Fahrenheit) and the wind speed v (in miles per hour), the National Weather Service defines the effective temperature (the wind chill) as follows:

w = 35.74 + 0.6215 T + (0.4275 T – 35.75) v^0.16

Write a program that takes two double command-line arguments temperature and velocity and prints the wind chill. Use Math.pow(a,b) to compute a^b.

NOTE 1: a^b means a to the power of b.

NOTE 2: The formula is not valid if T is larger than 50 in absolute value or if v is larger than 120 or less than 3 (assume that the input values testing your program are in range).

NOTE 3: It is not necessary to round the wind chill value, display the value that is computed.

  • java WindChill 35.0 10.0 27.445420

  1. Order check [7 points]. Write a program that takes four int command-line arguments w, x, y, and z. Define a boolean variable whose value is true if the four values are either in strictly ascending order (w < x < y < z) or strictly descending order (w > x > y > z), and false otherwise. Then, display the boolean variable value.

NOTE 1: Do not use if statements on this program.

NOTE 2: Assume that the inputs will always be integers.

  • java OrderCheck 5 10 15 2 false

  • java OrderCheck 15 11 9 4 true