Assignment 9 Solution



You will finish writing four methods, and two helper methods for sorting. Each of the four methods deal with opening a file, reading from a file, and outputting information to a file. There is no Junit test cases for this assignment, but graduate students will have to write a very small one.

What you need to do

Driver Class

I have provided a simple driver that tests all four methods. I have provided input files you may use to test your methods, and I have provided output files to show what your methods should output. Most of the files I provided should be sufficient to test your methods, but mergeFileContents may need further testing on your end.

FileIO Class

Complete the four static methods, and two helper methods, as indicated in the assignment. Use the example files I have given to further explain what is expected for each method.

Graduate Students

Create a Junit test case that solely tests sortNumbers. I suggest creating a few input files and output files and pass these files to the method. Then open up the output file and make sure its contents are correct. Try to test at least two output files, where each file has at least 3 or 4 lines in it.