assignment solution




#1 (topic is your choice)

Use MS Word to create an MS Word document of the text of the slides of a PowerPoint presentation. At the beginning of the document insert a list of the document’s paragraph names. The paragraph names briefly describe the paragraphs’ contents. Each paragraph must contain no more than four sentences. Add one picture to every paragraph. Use clipart if you cannot find pictures. Write the homework name h8 as the document’s header. Write your name and page numbers in the document’s footer. Choose one of the following topics as the PowerPoint presentation topic:

  1. Digital Convergence.

Define digital convergence. Find out more about “The Digital Living Network” at Discuss the various devices that may communicate over a common network.

  1. Smart Phones

Define smart phones. Discuss smart phone components, distinguish cellular phone and smart phones; discuss smart phone hardware, smart phone software, smart phone networking, transferring data between smart phones and computers

  1. Mobile Internet

Discuss the Mobile Internet, connecting cellular phones to the Internet, cellular phone security; cellular phone transfer rates and cellular phones; alternatives to cellular networks like VoIP

  1. Tablets, Netbooks, and Ultrabooks

Define and contrast tablets, netbooks, and ultrabooks.

  1. Digit vs Analog

Define and contrast digital signals and analog signals. Discuss advantages of digital data over analog data. Discuss consequences of shift from analog technologies to digital technologies

  1. Digital Media

Select a digital media topic from publishing, music, photography and video and examine and discuss that topic.




Copy the Word document, paragraph by paragraph to a PowerPoint presentation. The first slide is the title slide, the second slide is a table of contents that contains a list of brief descriptions of each slide. Apply slide transitions to each slide; apply sound, and timed and mouse click transitions to each slide. Write your name as the slides’ footer. Display the slides’ numbers.