Auto Repair Shop Solution




Create a project that will produce a summary of the amounts due for Pat’s Auto Repair Shop. Display a splash screen first; then display the main form, which has only the menus.


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Job Information form:

Information form must have text boxes for the user to enter the job number, customer name, amount charged for parts, and the hours of labor. Include labels for Parts, Labor, SubTotal, Sales Tax, and Total.

Include command buttons for Calculate, Clear, and OK.

The Calculate button finds the charges and displays them in controls. The tax rate and the hourly labor charge should be set up as named constants so that they can be easily modified if either changes. Current charges are $50 per hour for labor and 8 percent (0.08) for the sales tax rate. Sales Tax is charged only on parts, not on labor.


The Clear button clears the text boxes and resets the focus in the first text box.

The OK button closes the Job Information form and displays the main form.