Exercise 1 Solution


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I’ve prepared an exercise for you all. It’s intended to target tools and techniques you’ll need for program 1. This is not a required assignment and is not worth any points.

# Overview

This exercise asks you to write a bash shell script that counts the number of lines of all files in the current directory and any subdirectories.

# Specifications

Suggested tools: wc, ls, cd, for loops, if statements

Many programs, such as cp, have a -r recursive option. You will be creating a very specialized version of that option for wc. Your script should add the lines of all files in the current directory. If any of these files are directories, it should also add the lines of any files in those directories, and then any directores in there, and so on and so forth. Finally, your program should send this result to stdout. This is generally a recursive process. You could try to implement a queue or stack in bash, but I would not recommend it. You should not use any of the tools banned in program 1.

I’ve provided a directory set up you can use for testing. (It is named dir.)

Example usage(using instructor given solution, mine is slightly different):

$ wc -l *

wc: dir1: Is a directory

0 dir1

wc: dir2: Is a directory

0 dir2

wc: dir4: Is a directory

0 dir4

8 file1

11 file2

13 file3

32 total

$ wc -l dir1/*

wc: dir1/dir3: Is a directory

0 dir1/dir3

11 dir1/file4

11 total

$ wc -l dir2/*

15 dir2/file5

12 dir2/file7

27 total

$ wc -l dir1/dir3/*

13 dir1/dir3/file6

$ allLines

83 # Notice this total is the sum of all previous totals

The solution given is named allLines(instructor’s solution) inside of dir.