Final Project: A Secure Networked Lock solution




You have implemented a simple networked lock designed by a USC student, and have evaluated the system by pointing out several security limitations. Now, you want to design a more secure system with your creativity.

Required Equipment

  1. 1x Intel Edison Kit

  1. 2x USB 2.0 A-Male to Micro B Cable (micro USB cable)

  1. 1x powered USB hub OR an external power supply

  1. 3-4x Grove – Starter Kit for Arduino

  1. 1x Personal Computer

Project Description

You will design a more secure networked lock in this final project. You can make any modification to the baseline implementation under these restrictions/specifications

  1. Hardware components: you can ONLY use Intel Edison and anything from the Grove Kit

  1. Software development: you should write everything in C or shell script. Please integrate your system into a single executable file at the end

  1. Human-computer interface: you should design a human-friendly friendly interface such that a new user without any prior knowledge of your system can be able to use your system solely based on your README file and terminal prompts

  1. Server modification: please discuss with the instructor if you want to make any modification to the server


  1. single zip file ( that contains

    • the source code

    • a compiled binary executable

    • your design document (template posted in CCLE, week 7)

    • your final presentation PPT (template posted in CCLE, week 7)

    • a short video demonstrating how your system works

    • a README file that contain your group information (group number, names, UIDs) and explain how to run your code in details


Please submit a zip file: (one per group) to and cc via email by 11:59pm, June-9-2017