Homework 1 – Oracle Review Solution




This homework serves as a refresher and review of basic concepts using an Oracle database. Be sure to

review the reading and complete the tutorials in week 2 prior to completing this assignment

Assignment: Total 100 points

1. Create an Oracle user and assign appropriate privileges for a schema that will support a unique

e-Commerce application. (10 points)

2. Using PowerPoint, Visio or any graphical tool of your choice, create an Entity Relationship

Diagram showing the entities, relationships and primary keys supporting your e-Commerce

application. Your application should have at least four (4) entities. The total number of

attributes across all entities should be at least fifteen (15). Be sure you use good database

design that includes the use of Primary, Foreign, Not Null, and other constraints. (10 points)

3. Based on your design, create and describe each of your database tables. (15 points)

4. Populate your tables with records. The records should represent meaningful data and not

placeholder data. You should populate at least 20 records total across all of your tables. (10


5. Create one database view showing the combination of at least two tables resulting from a join.

(10 points)

6. Demonstrate your knowledge of select statements by creating at least six (6) queries that will

return different data from your tables and view. (20 points)


1. Create a word or PDF document that contains your Entity relationship diagram, table

descriptions, and screen shots of you successfully running all of your SQL statements within

Oracle 12c. The document should be neat, well-organized, well-written and contain minimal

grammar and spelling errors. (15 points)

2. A .sql script file containing all SQL statements you used for this effort. All SQL statements should

be in one file with appropriate connect statements to differentiate users who run the script. The

script file should contain comments describe each major set of SQL statements. The script

should run perfectly without error when executed from the Orac