HOMEWORK 4 Solution


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I was sufficiently impressed with your last effort on the GradeBook class library, but have decided that I want to use more of the functionalities of the C++ language.

Be mindful. Sometimes the data gets corrupted and may result in empty GradeBooks. These cases are well-defined in the method descriptions.

Read the provided header file documentation for instructions on how the functions should work.

I have provided you a set of test apps which you can use to ensure that your code is, at least partially, correct. I would suggest a more rigorous testing scheme to ensure that your methods handle missing data.

Late assignments will lose 25% per day late, with no assignment begin accepted after 3 days (at 100% reduction in points).

You will receive one point for each passed test as illustrated in the test *.cc file. There will be an addi-tional point for compiling against all the tests.