HOMEWORK 6 Solution


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This assignment tests your ability to create and implement a class hierarchy and design polymorphic classes using virtual methods.

Read the provided header file documentation for instructions on method behavior. In addition to documenta-tion, I provide several tests which will link to your classes and provide basic illustration of class functionality.

I have provided you a set of test apps which you may use to ensure that your code is, at least partially, correct. I would suggest a more rigorous testing scheme, especially testing your assignment operator. If you would like some guidance here, ask me in class.

Late assignments will lose 25% per day late, with no assignment begin accepted after 3 days (at 100% reduction in points).

The point allocation is as follows:

  • Compilation of MEAN::COLLECT: 14 points.

  • Correct behavior of MEAN::COLLECT: 1 points.

  • Compilation of MEAN::CALCULATE: 14 points.

  • Correct behavior of MEAN::CALCULATE: 2 points.

  • Compilation of MEDIAN::COLLECT: 14 points.

  • Correct behavior of MEDIAN::COLLECT: 1 points.

  • Compilation of MEDIAN::CALCULATE: 14 points.

  • Correct behavior of MEDIAN::CALCULATE: 2 points.