HW #5 Solution



  1. Exercise 9.3.1 (p. 390), do part c using JDBC with MariaDB. Use ResultSetMetadata to get names of result attributes. If the query returns no results, tell the users there are no reults. Turn in your java code and a screen shot of its execution results. Use of ECLIPSE is optional.

!c) Ask the user for a manufacturer. Print the specifications of all products by that manufacturer. That is, print the model number , product-type, and all the types attributes of whichever relation is appropriate for that type.

  1. Exercise 9.3.2, do part c using JDBC with Derby.

Ask the user for the name of class and the other information required for a tuple of taple of table Classes. Then ask for a list of the names of the ships of that class and their dates launched. However, the user need not give the first name, which will be the name of the class. Insert the information gathered into Classes and Ships