Individual Coursework: Research & Development Solution




Working as an individual, you are required to identify a case study in the manufacturing sector to design an industry 4.0 solution. You may concentrate on the following sub-categories of the manufacturing sector:


  • Production Planning
  • Sales & Distribution
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Procurement processes
  • Logistics and Distribution
  • Product Design


You are required to demonstrate the following elements:


  • Comprehensive literature review of the manufacturing challenges
  • Analyse the challenges specified and apply the design thinking and systems engineering techniques to clarify the challenges and identify possible solutions.
  • The methodology should be based on existing literature review techniques
  • Design a prototype solution based on the principles of Industry 4.0 for the challenge specified in the manufacturing sector.
  • Evidence of academic underpinning with appropriate referencing including existing research methods such as systems theory.
  • Evidence of wide ranging research including book, journals and industry-relevant sources









Output requirements:

Produce an academic paper (between 8 – 15 pages including references, single column), the paper should contain the sections listed below and follows the Emerald journals Harvard style referencing.




Literature Review


Data Gathering and Analysis

Proposed Design Solution





This work will have to be presented as an academic paper with a minimum of 8 pages but not more than 15 pages, including the references.