Lab 1: Linux Review and Virtualization Solution



Attendance: You are required to attend both Tuesday and Thursday lab sessions this week.

This lab will have two components; 1. Tuesday – Linux review; 2. Thursday – Introduction to Mimir with small program. This document contains the instructions for the secon components.

Lab Objective

  • Create an account with Mimir and add your account to the CPSC 1020 course.
  • Complete the Lab1 assignment on Mimir.

Create an account on Mimir

Go to:

If you already have an account and that account name uses your not or any other email account, log in and go to “Join the Course” section below.

Otherwise, click create an account. You MUST use your email account. Do not use nor any other email account. (Any account that does not use the appropriate email will be deleted, points will be deducted, and you will be required to complete the exercise again.)

Join the Course

To the left click – Join Course

This should ask you for a Course Code or Student Access Code. Use the code listed by your course instructor’s name.

Course Instructor

Mimir Course Code







You should see a Project called Decimal2Binary

You are required to complete two functions:

void int2bin(int, int[8]);

void printBinary(int[8]);