Lab 2 Solution



Work on the following two exercises for this lab.

Exercise 1:

Copy file ‘’ into your directory for CSE 515. From within this directory, open

Python’s Idle (or equivalent), and copy program ‘ into your own version of this file.

Correct all errors/typos until your programs loads and runs as intended.

You will find the code for at the end of this document.

Exercise 2:

Answer the questions in document “A First Round of Python Questions”, based on the example programs who have seen up to know. For some questions, you will want to consult any of the Python online tutorials, or other sources.

Completion of Exercise 2 is also your first homework assignment (see “Homework Assignments” on Blackboard).

Credit for this lab: (1) Work diligently on the exercises above. (2) Sign your name of the signup-sheet which will be circulated toward the end of this lab session.

Python code for on the next page.