Lab #2 Solution



We will start lab 2 with these instructions which will walk you through getting a copy of the remainder of this lab and all other class material from git. After following the “Instructions for using TACC Visualization Portal”, you should find yourself in a browser, looking at your home directory on TACC with a file browser being served to you from a Jupyter notebook server running on the Stampede2 TACC system.

  • Start a new terminal:

    • On the top right of the page, below the “Logout” and to the right of the “Upload” buttons you will find a “New” button/dropdown menu. Press the button and select “Terminal”.

    • A new tab should open with a terminal running where you can type in commands into a Unix shell.

    • This lab will explain what you are seeing later. For now, let’s get a copy of the lab notebook.

  • Clone the git repository for this course:

    • Type the following (exactly) into the terminal and press enter:

git clone

    • You now have a cloned copy of the course repository in your home directory on TACC.

  • Start the lab 2 notebook:

    • Click back to the Jupyter File Browser tab (probably named “Home”) or press the Jupyter icon/name on top of the page to return to the file browser.

    • You should see a directory named DATA1401-Spring-2019.

    • Navigate inside this directory, then into the “Labs” and “Lab-2” directories until you find “Lab-2.ipynb”.

    • Click on “Lab-2.ipynb” to start the lab notebook in a new tab.

  • Continue the rest of this lab in the notebook you just opened.