Lab Assignment #8 Introduction to Templates Solution



The goal here is to get an initial feel for creating a template class. I have written a header in a file called tarray.h, which you should copy from my directory to yours:

cp ~jdolan/cs2401/labs/lab7/* .

There is also a main here. Notice that at the bottom of the tarray.h there is a line that says #include “tarray.template”

You are to write the tarray.template file which will implement the following function for the class:

// Constructor makes an object with a dynamic array of size 5


// This function puts the item into the next available spot in the


// If the array is full, resize is called.

void add(T item);

// iterator functions

// places the current_index at the beginning of the array

void start();

// returns true if the current index is less than used

bool is_item()const;

// moves current index to the next array location

void advance();

// returns the array item being referenced by cuurent index

T current()const;

// removes the item at the current index spot

void remove_current();


void resize();

Once you have implemented all the function you will compile this with the command g++ *.cc (even though there is only one .cc file) and then run the program, saving your second running of the program to a script file.

Please submit your source code and a script file on Blackboard.