Programming solution




In this program you are going to develop a database application that will show the Top 500 Rock and Roll Songs.

Here is what you are going to do:

  • Attached is a text file that contains theses song. The file contains 500 lines. Each line has
    • Rank of song
    • Artist
    • Song Title
  • Create a database application that contains a table with three columns; Rank of song, artist, and song title.
  • Open the text file and read each line; tokenize the line to extract rank, artist, and song title. Then, for each line you should use the SQL insert command (via a method) to create a new tuple (record) in the table
  • You should provide a search box that returns all rows that match the name of a certain artist using query parameters
  • You should also provide a button to show all items (records)

Your program interface is simple containing:

  • A data grid view: should be empty at the start of the program
  • An import button: import data from text file and populates the grid view (DB)
  • A search textArea and a search button: to return rows that match an artist
  • A show all items button: shows the full 500 records
  • An exit button: exits the program