Project Phase Solution



  • Phase 3 Description

In this phase, you are given scripts to create a database schema that implements a slightly simpler version of the ER diagram given to you in phase 2 of the project. Additionally, you are given a set of dummy data, scripts to load the data in DB, and some Java code that can be used to build your client application.

Your client application must implement the following functionality using the given schema:

Add Plane: Ask the user for details of a plane and add it to the DB

Add Pilot: Ask the user for details of a pilot and add it to the DB

Add Flight: Ask the user for details of a ight and add it to the DB

Add Technician: Ask user for details of a technician and add it to the DB

Book Flight: Given a customer and ight that he/she wants to book, determine the status of the reservation (Waitlisted/Con rmed/Reserved) and add the reservation to the database with appropriate status.

List number of available seats for a given ight: Given a ight number and a departure date, nd the number of available seats in the ight.

List total number of repairs per plane in descending order: Return the list of planes in de-creasing order of number of repairs that have been made on the planes.

List total number of repairs per year in ascending order: Return the years with the number of repairs made in those years in ascending order of number of repairs per year.

Find total number of passengers with a given status: For a given ight and passenger status, return the number of passengers with the given status.

Groups that implement systems with user-friendly interfaces, extra functionalities will receive extra credit. Any additional functionality must be explicitly described in the README le and pointed out to the TA during demo to receive extra credit.

  • Submission

You should submit the documentation and nal source code on iLearn. Please note, you must demo your code to the TA either during lab on March 13th or during o ce hours in Week 10). We may extend demos to nals week if we run out of time during week 10 but projects must be turned in to iLearn by Friday March 13th (last class meeting of Week 10).

Rubric: 120 points completeness and correctness, 15 points for error handling (for example, handle incorrect data input), and 15 points documentation (readme le and comments).