Rocket height 25 points Solution



Modeling and simulation: Rocket flight, how high?

In a language of your choice, write the program defined in

lecture 2. Test your program and

produce an output file, then submit both files on a GL machine:

submit cs455 hw1 your-source your-output

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time seconds / height 5,0,18b99, Estes Alpha III

Length 12 25 inches = 0 311 meters

Diameter 0 95 inches = 0 0201 meters

Body area 0 506E-3 square meters cross section

Cd of body 0.45 dimensionless

Fins area 0.00493 square meters cross section

Cd Of fin 0.01 dimensionless

weight/mass 0.0340 kilogram without engine

Engine 0.0242 kilogram intial engine mass

Engine 0 0094 kilogram final engine mass

Fd = Cd*Rho*AaM2 /2 body a. fins

Fg = *g 2 6

F = Ft (Fd body + Fd fins + Fg) v=v+a*dt


print output as a text file, do not submit a.out that is a binary file.

The graphics class sees the flight that produces this as a moving flight